On Wednesday night, just after President Donald Trump jumped on board Air Force One and left Louisville, the Louisville Thoroughbred Society had its’ own version of a “Celebration” and “Take Off.”

We held our second “Open House and Hard Hat Tour” at the new facility located at 209 East Main Street and we entertained a festive group of visitors that numbered over 50, and, some of which, turned into the newest members of the private membership club.

The LTS — which is expected to open for full business and operations before or by March 1, 2020 — will become downtown Louisville’s first and only location where persons interested in, invested in, and fans of the Thoroughbred industry and the horse business will be able to enjoy a private setting to watch and wager on simulcast horses races from around the world.

The premium club will be open to members — and their guests — and will provide first class amenities and services. This week, we were able to show off the site and show people around the construction zone to review the current progress being mad on the historic Hughes Lofts structure.

The LTS will be hosting another “Event” in September and October. We hope that you can join us for these occasions to ask questions, find out answers and take a look at the city’s latest great addition to the downtown area.

Here’s a look at Wednesday event, through the eyes and lens of our own photographer — Holly M. Smith:

(Gene McLean, one of the three Founding Members of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society, gives an overview and update on the private membership club / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(Groups of interested persons take a tour of the LTS facility — which is scheduled to open on or before March 1, 2020. Membership is open to the first 800 members that join. You can join at www.thelouisvillethoroughbredsociety.com) / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(A look at the “library” and the bar construction / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(A look at the foyer and reception area at the proposed LTS facility / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

(A group of interested persons attend the LTS’ second “Open House and Hard Hat Tours” / Photo by Holly M. Smith)