(Kentucky State Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer paid a visit to The Louisville Thoroughbred Society on Sunday to have brunch. He also found time to sign a few bottles of his very own premium “Kentucky Senator” bourbon, that has just recently been released.)

Editor’s Note: 

The opening week is closing. And, The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is off and running.

This week, we officially kicked off our daily executive lunch offerings. These are open to Members & Guests from Tuesday through Saturday.

On Saturday, we had our own version of Jeff Ruby Steaks Day and Florida Derby Day, with racing and libations being offered up in amply supply.

On Sunday — today — we had our first “Sunday Brunch.” The “Biscuits & Gravy” were just the kick-off to one of the best breakfast menus that you will ever witness.


The food has been spectacular. The camaraderie has been even better. And, the combination of food, spirits and spirited Thoroughbred racing has been perfect.

On Sunday, the LTS also got to play host to one of the Thoroughbred industry biggest fans and most important supporters: Kentucky State Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer.

Thayer (R-Georgetown) is a horse owner, in his own right, and an unabashed supporter of the world’s greatest sport. If not launching and promoting his private label, premium Bourbon brand — Kentucky Senator — or found to be in the halls of Frankfort and working on many critical issues important to the welfare of the Commonwealth, you can often find Sen. Thayer at a racetrack near you.

He can be spotted on the backside, doing what he likes to do best — visiting with the horse. He can be spotted on the frontside, too, doing what he enjoys to do, too — watching his and others horses run. He can be spotted in-between all those places talking and promoting the game that he truly loves.

On Sunday, Thayer paid us a visit to check out Kentucky’s newest, latest, and most exquisite racing venue — The Louisville Thoroughbred Society. He got a tour of the facility; chatted with members, guests and staff; and enjoyed a delectable brunch with friends.

Just for giggles and posterity sake, Thayer also got to autograph a bottle of his “Kentucky Senator” bourbon that will now have an official residence on the shelves of the LTS.

It was a perfect way to end our most perfect first week. The first dignitary and official political leader to dine at the LTS. Could not have been better or more fitting.

If you have not had the chance to come and visit downtown Louisville’s first and most premier private club — which is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the Thoroughbred racing experience — then do yourself and your fellow friends a favor.

Book a tour.

Come see what you are missing.

Join us in our quest to have the time of our lives.

We don’t think you will regret it.

After all, it is nearly Kentucky Derby season.

What better time to join.

Plus, you may run into a VIP — like Senator Thayer.

(The biscuits and gravy were a big hit. Not much was left from three appetizers purchased for the table)

(Our group attend the LTS’ first “Sunday Brunch,” which was delicious. Amazing array of foods prepared by our Master Chef — Allan Rosenberg. You should check it out.)

(The LTS was spiffed up and ready to roll this week, in our first full operations.)

(Saturday was so beautiful that we moved our handicapping operations outside to the Terrace and huddled around our laptop for the latest odds and betting options)


(My old chess table was recently moved into the LTS’ Library and now has a home for anyone that loves the game. It is set up and ready to go)

(The LTS’ window jockeys give a warm welcome to our Members and Guests as they enter from Main Street)