(LTS hosted approximately 50 guests at our first “Open House” on Aug. 1. We will be looking for more when we host our second such event on Wednesday, Aug. 21. Come see us. / Photo by Erica Schnell)

On the night of Aug. 1, the Louisville Thoroughbred Society hosted the first of two “Membership Information Sessions,” and about 50 interested persons showed up to ask questions and become some of the first to get a sneak peak at what will soon be downtown Louisville’s newest, most innovative and premium private clubs.

And, some of those who attended have already signed up to become some of the first “Members” of the new showplace facility club, which will provide first class amenities and services to those that are interested in, invested in, fans of the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industries, and the horse business, as a whole.

Since the first night was so successful and planted so many seeds of interest, the LTS is now fully preparing for our second event — which will be held at both the new location (209 East Main Street) and the Ice House.

If you have interest and/or questions about the LTS and what we may look like or offer, please arrive at 226 East Washington Street and come to the Ice House for an “Open House” reception.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. and run to 8 p.m. Hors D’oeuvres will be offered. A “cash bar” will be open. And, the “Founding Members” of the new facility will be on hand to answer any and all questions about the new project.

In addition, the “LTS Team” will lead visitors on a personal “Hard Hat Tour” of the facility. Get a first hand look at downtown Louisville’s latest attraction, and a location that not only will offer quality entertainment, and high-definition replays of horse races from around the world, but also will provide the city’s only off-site, horse race wagering opportunities.

Drop us an email and let us know that you and your friends will be joining us for this festive and entertaining night out (an in) to see what we are up to at the Louisville Thoroughbred Association.

After convening at the Ice House at 6 p.m., our attendees will be split into groups of 10 each. A designated “Spokesperson” will “guide” you next door for a personalized, “Hard Hat Tour” of the facility — which is now fully under construction and is planned to be ready for occupancy the first of 2020.

After the tour is finished, we will be retiring back to the Ice House for a “Question and Answer” session, served up with some hot food and cold drinks.

At the June meeting of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, a request by Churchill Downs to operate a “racetrack extension” at the new facility was approved — unanimously.

Which means?

Just as if you were at the racetrack itself, and sitting in the elaborate on-track Turf Club or in a private suite, LTS members and guests will be able to wager on the same races televised throughout Churchill Downs.

And, just as if you were at the racetrack itself, you will be able to cash out your winning tickets, and celebrate with your friends and family.

The LTS will also offer a long list of amenities and services that will assure each member and their respective guests will enjoy a 5-Star experience.

Such as?

  • A premium Cigar Bar, and accompanying “Smoking Pavilion,” that will allow members and guests to enjoy their finest blends of premium cigars in heated, or air conditioned comfort.
  • A 450-square foot humidor made from the finest Spanish cedar, and created to both house and refine some of the world’s most prestigious Cigars.
  • Private “cigar lockers” that can be leased for personal storage.
  • The region’s largest and most expansive rooftop bar and garden area, which will allow members and guests to dine, relax and enjoy races in outdoor comfort.
  • A prestigious “Cigar Bar” that will be stocked with some of the finest Scotches and Bourbons that are not only hard to find, but nearly impossible to locate. LTS Co-Founder Mike Schnell — a collector of premium bourbons — will offer some selections from his private stock. Some bottles and spirits were distilled and filled before Prohibition. Some products were created during Prohibition. And, some are Post-Prohibition products. All are sure to attract the most ardent bourbon aficionado.
  • A “Library” that will allow members to entertain private guests in a more seclusive and private setting.
  • A modern “restaurant” that will allow members and guests to enjoy an “executive-styled” food menu for late breakfast / early lunch each day of the week.
  • Top shelf bar foods, sandwiches, soups and salads, “Shell Fish” plates, and other meat trays will be available at other times during the day.
  • A “dressing room” that will allow members to lease space to store leisure clothes and change the wardrobe after a working-day downtown.
  • 12 stand-alone betting machines that will allow bettors to wager on simulcast races from around the globe. An ATM machine for the convenience of members and guests.

Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 21, and hear a full report, and take advantage of being one of the first people to sign up to be a member — which will be limited and capped after the first 800.

Also, if you sign up that night of Aug. 21, you will be given a $50 voucher that can be exchanged for food, drink or cigars once we are fully open and operational. Now, that’s a gift, right?

Here’s a look at what is currently going on at 209 East Main Street. It is heating up. And, so is the interest in what is sure to become the world’s most magnificent private club dedicated to those interested in, invested in and fans of the Horse Industry:

(Work on the LTS parking garage is now fully engaged. The first 30 concrete columns have been poured. The staircases in the outdoor shafts are being installed. Things are looking up. Things are going up. Come take a look and get a tour. Photos by Gene McLean)