(A light fixture in the LTS’ Conservatory)

Editor’s Note:

Are you ready?

Well, ready or not?

You had better get set.

‘Cause here we come. ‘Cause we’re about ready to go.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society — a premium and state-of-the-art private club that is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the Thoroughbred industry in Kentucky — is just about done.

Cleaning crews are now beginning to replace the construction crews.

Dust rags and paint brushes are now more in use than the hammers and the nail-guns.

Vacuum cleaners and dust mops are now more in vogue than drill bits and ladders.

Nearly all of the renovation and resurrection project of the LTS — located in the historic Hughes Lofts at 209 East Main Street — is now complete.

Library? Only the books on the shelves to go. Check.

Diner? Only the tables and chairs to go. The light fixtures are going up today. Check.

Kitchen? Equipment cleaned. Check.

Restrooms? Running water. Check.

Main Room? Only the shelves to be stocked. Check.

Conservatory? Carpet down. Ceilings varnished. Check.

Cigar Lockers & Hand-Made Humidor? Check.

Cigar Bar? Check.

The final coats of varnish go on the original hardwood floors beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

The moving trucks and the final, plush and elaborate furnishings — couches, chairs, area rugs, wall hangings and dressings — begin to arrive and be set into place on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Decorations galore. Designers dream day.

The LTS’ Investors will hold their very first full meeting in the facility on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

The only heavy-lifting left is finishing off the LTS’ Terrace and the adjacent LTS’ Cigar Pavilion.

Pavers will be going down the end of this week and the first of next. The planters will get dirt filled to the brim. The grandiose fire pit will be installed and called into action. And, the guts of the Cigar Pavilion are being riveted and primed each and every day.

You should see this final design look for the Pavilion. OMG.

Nearly all of this and that work will be done prior to the Breeders’ Cup being run at Keeneland on Nov. 6 & 7.

Before then, all 12 betting machines — to be under the supervision and operation of Churchill Downs — will be set and ready to go.

Before then, all state-of-the-art, high-definition television monitors — tuned to the very best racing has to offer — will be set and ready to go.

Before then, the tables will be set. And? Yep. Ready to go.

And, as a matter of a teaser?

The LTS’ staff released its’ private and special November schedule to membership today (Tuesday, Oct. 13). These will be “Reservation-Only” events. You will be the first with a chance to experience an “experience.”

Other special events are being planned, too, in and around Thanksgiving.

The “official opening date” — for full club operations and complete membership use — has been finalized and set in stone. As in, a stone paver. (If you wish to purchase the “naming rights” to one of those, contact us, too. We have them available.)

It will be early 2021.

A “Grand Opening” is being planned and finalized.

If you are a member?

You should get the updates and very special invitations. Today.

You need to act fast. And, furious. Get those reservations in. Quickly.

You should be ready to go.

And, if you are not a member?


Maybe you should consider being one.

This place is truly amazing.


Not kidding.

Not even a little bit.

It is truly amazing.

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