(Construction plans were laid out on a make-shift construction desk at the Louisville Thoroughbred Society / Photos by Gene McLean)

The dust was flying on Monday, Sept. 30.

Had to be one of the hottest days on record, as the temps crept into the mid-90s and the air stood at attention like a private in a General’s Ball. Had to be the most sweat I ever made by doing nothing on the eve of October and was in now supposed to be the introduction of Fall. Had to be sticky, stifling and still as any summer day in the middle of August. Just had to be.

But it didn’t stop the construction crews cranking it out at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville.

It didn’t come close to stopping the workers at the historic Hughes Lofts, and soon-to-be “Home” for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

The sun and the sweat just provided some natural WD 40 to grease the wheels of progress and the soothe the elbow grease as the men cranked upward and onward.

Crane operators were dropping the staircases into the North Tower. Soon, a new set of stair cases will lead from Washington Street all the way to the top of the building.

Carpenters hammered away at the framing for the new parking garage forms, that will hold new concrete soon.

Plumbers were installing piping in the LTS bathrooms.

Workers were hanging air and heat ducts from the ceiling with care.

Brick layers were carving new doors into the LTS Kitchen-Prep area.

And, delivery men were hauling windows for the new “Library.” Undoubtedly, on this day, at the very least, the pane glass was a pain to deliver and haul.

Here’s a quick look at the progress. If you have not done so already, go to the LTS website at www.thelouisvillethoroughbredsociety.com and join. Membership is limited to the first 800 to sign up and pay their one-time initiation fee.

Soon, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of many labors.