Ed DeRosa, the Director of Marketing at Brisnet.com

Gene McLean

Gene McLean, the Director of Nothing 

My good friend and constant betting consultant, Ed DeRosa, and I teamed up on Sunday to take a swing at the mammoth Pick 5 Carry-Over at Churchill Downs on Sunday. We figured that the pool could possibly reach $600,000 by the time the 6th race came rolling around. We figured that we might as well take a shot.

After all, we are as good at handicapping horses as anyone else.


Well, we think so. Even though we may disagree with the other’s choices, from time to time.

It was swing time.

It was fun time.

We hit.

Along with a bunch of other people, to be sure.

But our efforts were certainly not in vain.

We invested $594 together, combined, total.

We inherited $1,606.76 together, combined, total.

And, that is in real American Dollars.

Not Icelandic cash.

As my friend used to say: “Man not go broke taking profit.”

Thanks, Edward.

Let’s do it again sometime soon.