McLean Gets “Turned Out” For a Few Days in Beautiful Jamaica, Mon!

We are still keeping “The” updated, and as newsworthy as possible, but my beautiful wife decided it was time to turn out this old horse (no, I’m not a gelding; well, at least not yet!) out for a few days of R&R.

So, for my Holiday Gift Package, that I got to unwrap a bit early this year, the delightful Leigh Ann surprised with a special delivery package from Ole Santa and we caught a ride on the sled down to Jamaica for a few days, mon.

And, what a place.

Great food.

Great little island for absolute privacy.


Make that drinks!

And, plenty of great music by some of the island’s best performers.

Christmas music. Piano bar. Steel drums. And, even sing-alongs.

While I take my musical ability from my great, late Dad — God Bless his soul — and I can’t carry a tune in a shower, that didn’t stop or inhibit the beautiful LA and I last night from leading a group in “Wagon Wheel,” and some of your best renditions of “Country Road.”

After all, they needed help with some Classic Country, since we had new friends from the U.K. (and that’s not the University of Kentucky; but the United Kingdom), Canada, and, as they used to announce during the telecasts of the World Wrestling Federation — “Parts Unknown.”

I will have to tell you, though, after being here for a couple of days, I have figured out that I probably could do my best handicapping and writing from right here, along the beachside and under the palm trees so high. After all, there is a racetrack right here on the island.

Here’s a quick look at some of the sights. See you guys back in God’s Country soon:

Audible ran best of our horses. Javier (Castellano) told me he couldn’t get going early in the race. He said the horse had trouble with the track and the kickback. He just couldn’t get him going. It’s frustrating when something like this happens. Javier said he thought he might have been on the best horse if he could have got going earlier. Magnum Moon, Luis (Saez) said he didn’t like the track at all. He said the kickback got to him. Johnny (Velazquez) said Vino Rosso didn’t like it (the track) either. He just didn’t want to be out there. Florent (Geroux) on Noble Indy got his trip; he just wasn’t good enough.”

Todd Pletcher, Trainer of Audible (3rd), Vino Rosso (9th), Noble Indy (17), Magnum Moon (19th)
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