Today is a remarkable day one of America’s most remarkable tracks.

It is closing day at Indiana Grand Racing & Casino.

After beginning this marathon meet way back in April, that, in its’ own right, is quite the accomplishment for General Manager Eric Holstrom and his standout team of racing experts — including the likes of Rachel McLaughlin and Bill Downes.

But, more importantly, it is also Veterans’ Day. A day to celebrate and honor our military and those that have given much to give us what we have in this great country. A day to salute our heroes of yesterday, and those that have enlisted to provide us protection and strength today. A day to say “Thank you” to those that seldom get thanked for doing what most of us would not do.

In honor of this day, Indiana Grand invited a number of Thoroughbred handicappers from around the country to put in a $250 Pick 5 ticket. If that ticket wins, then all the proceeds will go to assist Homeless Veterans in the Indianapolis area. In addition, Indiana Grand is purchasing a duplicate ticket to give to each of the handicappers for their own personal use.

I was fortunate to be selected to participate. Honored to participate. And, I put my ticket in earlier today. Here it is:

Pick 5 Ticket:

Race 6: 5-9-4-7-2

Race 7: 3-8-12-11-10-9

Race 8: 13-4-10-9

Race 9: 7-12-4

Race 10: 7

I hope like heck that it is a winner.

And, here’s the kicker:

If it does happen to win, I will donate “my” donated ticket to the same cause that Indiana Grand is going to assist.

It is the least I can do to say “thanks” to those that have served us and U.S.

It is the least I can do to say “job well done” to those that have given most, if not all, for us and U.S.

It is the least I can do. The very least.

Now, let’s go win.