Day Results 10-5-3-2
2019 Overall 1,018 1018/367-352-468
Win % of Top Pick 36.05%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 38.87%
2019 Top Pick in the Money –691 of 1,018 67.88%
Top Selection ITM / CD 59/90 65.56%
Top Selection Win / CD 34/90 37.78%
“Key Horses” @ CD 8-5-1-0 62.50%
“Key Horses” in 2019 174-70-35-20 40.23%

We had a really nice day on Sunday, the finale of this abbreviated September race meeting. Had 5 winners out of the 10 races on the day. And, we rolled along with a big chance to hit the final Pick 5 — with a huge carryover — until the final race.

Then, reality kicked us right in the teeth.

Our top choice got cut off in the stretch and then spit the bit.

Our ticket went right down the drain, along with hopes of a cash register ringing.

Our hopes dashed.

Oh, we had a good meet in Louisville. Top picks won 37.78% of the time, and our top selection hit the board on 65.56%. Not bad numbers, especially when you consider we got off to a stumbling start when we went to our knees leaving the gate.

But we now get ready for this Fall’s big race meet at Keeneland — which will kick start later this week over in the beautiful, green slopes and dips of Central Kentucky.

Can’t wait.

Such is the memory of a handicapper.

See you in Lexington.

See you at Keeneland.

See you at the Winner’s Circle.