(The Fair Grounds Meeting Was Fun / Photo Courtesy of the Fair Grounds)

Well, the Fair Grounds’ marathon race meet concluded last Saturday, and it was interesting. The meet began way back before Thanksgiving of 2017, and the marched its’ way methodically through March 31 of 2018. Wow.

All my thanks to the media team at the Fair Grounds for their consistent and constant supply of information and updates. And, race caller John G. Dooley is, undoubtedly, one of the best to ever sit or stand behind a microphone.

It took us awhile to educate ourselves on some of the nuisances of Louisiana racing, including the number of state-bred races carded each day. We have to familiarize ourselves with the state’s breeding program, and with both trainers and riders that we had very little working knowledge of before the meet started.

But…we, too,…survived. And, our numbers came around. Since Jan. 1, 2018, we touted our viewers on 484 races. We finished with a record of 166-177-178.

The win percentage with our top pick moved to 34.30% by the end of the meet, and our top three picks finished in the money on 35.90%. (We calculated our top three picks as if I was betting them as win-place-show tickets. Meaning: if my top pick ran second, I didn’t get credit for anything. If my second pick won, I got credit for a second. And, so on.)

At the end of the meet, I was most happy that I had graduated — after a slow start — to where my top pick had finished “In The Money” 61.80% of the time.

Now, we move on and back to Kentucky. Keeneland can be a challenging betting proposition. But we are looking forward to it mightily.

Friday, here we come.