1st: 1-4-5-73…Like Harangue (1) here this spot with a “must use” dot.

2: 4-1-2-6-3-7…The top choices are much preferred in this race. Kelly Breen, who has Truly a Moon Shot (4) can really train and ships down for this meet.

3rd: 2-1-5-4-6-7…Again, I think the top three choices stand out in this field. Lookin for Eight (2) is a solid pick for me…

4th: 5-8-3-11…Keep an eye out to see if the #14 draws in. If so, I have to use. If not, I go to Derby Dreamer (5) on the drop.

5th: 8-2-1-9-11-7-5-3-10…Watch to see if #14 draws in or if MTO #17 runs. Both are major players in this spot. If not, I like Romans’ piece Paddy’s Class to improve a bunch in here today.

6th: 3-5-4-2-1-7…Buff Bradley has a big shot with Poseidon’s Way here.

7th: 1-2-3-5-8…Myositis Mystique (1A) is the preferred part of the entry and figures very nicely in here, but the other part could run OK, too.

8th: 3-11-10-6-4-5-1…Like the top three choices much more than the rest in here, with Sapphire Jubilee (3) for Mike Maker. I think she breaks maiden in here.

9th: 1-2-9-6-11-8-3…The entry of 1 & 1A are the Best Bet of the Day. The 1A is super good and coming off a layoff. These two fillies could both hit the board and run 1-2 in here.

10th: 8-11-3-1-4…Keep an eye out to see if the #16 draws in here. Would figure prominently. If not, I go to Start A War (8) in a wide open finale today.

Good luck & All the Best/Gene