(La and me…she’s one of the best moms around, and I am blessed to have her in my life. She turns every day into Derby Day for me)

(My beautiful mom)

(And, she can fry up some great chicken, too)

(Some home-made fried apple pies and the “goodie” shelf)

Days Results 14 / 3-4-6
2023 Overall — 676 676 / 233-222-297
Win % of Top Pick 34.47%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 37.08%
2023 Only / Top Pick in the Money Overall — 415-676 61.39%
2023 Only / Top Pick in the Money @ HI 20-30 66.67%
2023 Only / Top Pick Wins @ HI 12-30 40.00%
2023 Only / Top Pick in the Money @ CD 37-57 64.91%
2023 Only / Top Pick Wins @ CD 20-57 35.09%
2023 Only / “Key Horses” @ CD 7/4-2-1 57.14% Win / 100.00% ITM
2023 Only / “Key Horses” @ KEE 2 / 2-0-0 100.00% Win / 100.00% ITM
2023 Only / “Key Horses” @ TP 45/21-8-4 46.47% Win / 73.33% ITM
2023 Only / “Key Horses” @ FG 5/1-1-1 20.00% Win / 60.00% ITM
2023 Only / “Key Horses” @ GP 6/6-0-0 100.00% Win / 100.00% ITM
2023 Only / “Key Horses” @ OP 2/1-1-0 50.00% Win / 100.00% ITM
2023 Only / “Key Horses” @ HI 1/0-0-0 00.00% Win / 00.00% ITM
2023 Only / “Key Horses” Overall 91/42-18-9 46.15% Win / 75.82% ITM

(Stats to be updated after Churchill Downs’ cards on Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Here’s our looks at this Mother’s Day card. But before we get to it, let’s pause and give eternal thanks to those beautiful ladies that give life and love to make us all possible. There’s nobody on this Earth who will love us more. Not from the moment they found out that they were carrying our lazy butts around, and giving us all a free Uber for 9 months. Nine long and and mostly miserable months, I’m told.

And, then, after all of that grace and mercy, the only thing we give in return — for the most part — is agony, trouble, and reasons for worry and concern.

Still, through it all, our Moms — collectively, individually, universally — sweep those memories aside and still love us. To the core. To the hilt. To the moon and back.

I remember one day, in particular, when a group of well-intentioned moms thought an intervention of sorts was needed and called in my mom for a “Meeting of Mothers.” Concerned for the finest lady I have ever had the chance to know, they got around to asking the essential question of the day. Bravely, one other lady in the group asked:

“Betty, what are we going to do with Gene?”

My mother — a true Saint of a Lady — didn’t miss a beat, even though should probably should have saved that “beat” for her wayward son, who truly was the only hell my Mom ever raised. She simply said, with affection and care dripping from every word:

“Well, we’re going to love him and keep him.”

I didn’t get the details of that story until later in life. But I am so happy that I was born to the best Mom to ever walk on God’s turf course. I am so glad she loved me, even when most would not and the majority should not. And, I am so lucky that she kept me, to this very day.

My beautiful Mom is 92 years old now. She still drives her own car and lives in her own house, by herself on most days and with the memory of my dad on every day. She cooks the best fried chicken and cornbread known to mankind. She can bake a pie that people from miles around will come to taste and enjoy. She picks up “the old people,” as she calls them and gives them a day of joy rides and fellowship. She ran the free “Food Pantry” in little Midway, KY until a year or so ago. Bought the food. Stocked the shelves. Ran the thing for those that truly needed a can of beans and a spoonful of love.


She’s the closest thing to being an angel on Earth.

I love you Mom. I think I am going to keep you, too.

See you soon. As soon as I can.

Now, back to our regular programing:

1st: 4/1-5-6/7-8/2/3…Editor’s Note: A friend of mine once said that “picks without comments is like chips without salsa.” Well, I’m sorry. But today’s “Mother’s Day.” I’m going to go have some time with a few moms and call my own. I hope you all do the same and have some luck with the picks. Comments will return next week. 

2nd: 1-6-8/4-2/7/3//5…

3rd: 2/5-7-6/1-4…

4th: 7/4-3-11/9-1-10/6/2…

5th: 2-3-5/8-6/1-4-7-9…

6th: 11-12/7-2-8-10/6-5/1-4/3…

7th: 7-2-6/3/4-1//8/5…

8th: 4-2/5-13-3-6-9/11/10/1-12…

9th: 3-4-2/1-5/7-11/8//6-9-10…

10th: 1-12-3/9-2/4-5-7/10-8/6…

Good Luck & All the Best / Gene