Total Day Results 8 / 2-4-4
2022 Overall — 637 637 / 227-229-294
Win % of Top Pick 35.64%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 39.25%
2022 Only / Top Pick in the Money Overall — 403-637 63.27%
2022 Only / Top Pick in the Money @ CD 50–75 66.67%
2022 Only / Top Pick Wins @ CD 29-75 38.67%
2022 Only / “Key Horses” @ CD 12/6-3-1 50.00% Win / 83.33% ITM
2022 Only / Top Pick in the Money @ HI — 62-88 70.45%
2022 Only / Top Pick Wins @ HI — 40-88 45.45%
2022 Only / “Key Horses” @ HI — 17/8-1-3 47.06% Win / 70.59% ITM
2022 Only / “Key Horses” Overall  119/ 51-26-10 42.86% Win / 73.11% ITM
2022 Only / “Longshots of Day” @ CD 2/0-0-0 00.00% Win / 00.00% ITM
2022 Only / “Longshots of Day” Overall — 18/2-1-2 11.11% Win / 27.78% ITM
2022 Only / Longshots of the Day” @ HI — 0/0-0-0 00.00% Win / 00.00% ITM

Sorry, guys. We missed Friday night. Haven’t been feeling 100%. Took the day off, and can’t say that I’m much better.


There’s always a “but,” right?

But…we were able to put the boat in on Friday and we are able to go for a twilight boat ride on Friday evening and spent much of today just cruising the beautiful waters of Kentucky Lake.


Feeling revived enough — just enough, mind you — to come indoors and crank out tonight’s selections.

Hope they are better than me!

Here’s we go:

1st: 1-5-2/3-1A/4…Cole Spur (1) gets the nod in the ole’ lid-lifter tonight. This 3YO gelded son of Flatter comes in off two good ones in a row at Oaklawn Park. Won easily to break the MCL just two starts ago. Looks salty here with the meet’s top rider up. I bet the 1 across the board and then box the top 3 in the exactas. I will key the top 3 numbers over/under the 3 in two smaller units.

2nd: 1-6/7-5/3-4…I go back-to-back with the “uno” card — Tapalong (1). This 5YO mare was claimed two starts ago. Gets back to that level here after facing much tougher in the last outing. If she can find the previous form here? Look out. I bet the 1 across the board and then box the 1-6 in the exactas. I will key the 1-6 over/under the 7-5-3-4 in two smaller units.

3rd: 6-2/8-1/(10)-(9)/7-5/4/3…The first sod race of the night is a 5.5-furlong spirit special and I will line up with Foliage (6). This one is by one of my favorite sires in the game and comes in off three nice runs in a row. Regular rider is back up and does have a 2nd here in previous action. Looks salty if the pilot can steer clear of troubles. I bet the 6 across the board and then box the 6-2 in the exactas. I will key the 6 over/under the 2-8-1-7-5 in two smaller units.

4th: 4-6-1/5/2/7/3…Dunvegan Doll (4) is the ML favorite and should go off as the PT favorite, as well. Drops another rung in the claiming ladder here and should be coming late in the proceedings. Rider is holding his own so far this meet. Chance. Avendore (6) goes for a trainer killing up at Horseshoe Indianapolis, but off to a bit of a chilly beginning here. Could wake up here with this class dropper. I like this one. A lot. I bet the 6 — take note — across the board and then box the top 3 in the exactas. I will key the top 3 numbers over/under the 5 in two smaller units.

5th: 2-4-6/3-5/1…Scales of Justice (2) misfired when trying the turf last time out. Failed experiment. Back to the dirt here and made wake up with the significant class drop. Gets an apprentice that can boot a bit. Like this one. Hellorhighwater (4) is a good name for a bar and, I guess, a horse, too. Drops in the class rankings here and has never been offered up for this low a tag before. Closes. Will need some racing luck late. Loving Lucky (6) will race for the first time for the HOF trainer, who claimed this one last time our for $12,500. Would not be a shock. I use. Definitely. I bet the 2-6 across the board and then box the top 3 numbers in the exactas. I will key the top 3 numbers over/under the 3-5 in two smaller units.

6th: 2-1A/1-5-6-4/7/3…Sonic City (2) goes from the $40,000 asking price to $10,000 here. Kidding me? This one should be salty at this level. I’m in. I bet the 2 across the board and then box the 2-entry in the exactas. Sternly. Stern. Ly. 

7th: 8-7-6/11-1/2-5-9-10/4/3…This is the 2nd of the 4 grass races on the card tonight. This one will be contested at the route distance of 11/16-miles and I will saddle up with Glenall (8). This 3YO Irish-bred comes in off a fading 6th in a G2 Stakes at KEE. Better than looks. Winner is a superstar. This one ran super in the two before. Santa Anita — which can’t figure out how to even come close to discipling Bob Baffert has banned the trainer for now. Go figure. Amazing. But the trainer  shows up here. Looks good, too. I bet the 8 across the board and then box the top 3 numbers in the exactas. I will key the top 3 numbers over/under the 11-1 in two smaller units.

8th: 6-7/2-3-4/9-10/8/1-5…Quick to Blame (6) was nominated for the Triple Crown series and looks like a bargain buy at this $50,000 level. Actually finished ahead of Ethereal Road four races back and ran 3rd to Stakes winner CAll Me Midnight. Love the Brad Cox horse here. Love. I bet the 6 to win/place/show and then box the 6-7 sternly in the exactas. I will key the 6 over/under the 7-2-3-4-9-10 in two smaller units.

9th: 5/2/4-3-9-10/1-11/6-12-8/7…Mamzelle Stakes…The first “Key Play of the Night” comes here with Twilight Gleaming (5) — the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint winner. She made her 2022 debut at KEE in a Stakes and nearly won that one against a good one. Looks better here. Not much on the odds board. But can’t go against her here. I bet the 5 to win/place and then key the 5 over/under the 2-4-3-9-10-1. More with the 2 than the rest.

10th: 3-7-5/1-6/2-4…Liberty M D (3) has hit the board in 4 of 5 lifetime tries and has won both previous races here. Looks to be training great. If the rider can get her to relax on the front? Look out. Talent. I bet the 3 across the board and then box the 3-7-5 in the exactas. I will key the 3 over/under the 7-5-1-6-2-4 in two smaller units.

11th: 3/11-5-8-(16)-2/1-9/(14)-(15)-12-9-4…The final race of the night comes just minutes before midnight — not kidding, ya — and I will go with my 2nd “Key Play of the Night,” if there is any chance I am still awake. Beachfront Bid (3) goes for the barn of Chad Brown and looks like a superstar in the making. Look out here. Love this one. I bet the 3 across the board and then key the 3 over/under the 11-5-8-16-2-1-9 in the exactas. More with the 11-5-8 than the rest.

Good Luck & All the Best / Gene