Day Results 11-3-6-2
2019 Overall 979 979/351-343-453
Win % of Top Pick 35.85%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 39.05%
2019 Top Pick in the Money –659 of 979 67.31%
Top Selection ITM / CD 27/51 52.94%
Top Selection Win / CD 18/51 35.29%
“Key Horses” @ CD 5-3-0-0 60.00%
“Key Horses” in 2019 170-67-34-20 39.41%

Not a really good day at the ole’ ball yard on Saturday. Just 3 winners — and one of them was Covfefe. Hard not to like her, right?

I am handing off my duties today to my great friend and ally, Ed DeRosa — the Director of Marketing over at

I am in Vegas.

I know. Hard to feel a bit sorry, right? Tough assignment.

Well, in this case it is.

In a few minutes from now, I will join with a group of others to help say goodbye to my great friend Eric Jensen, at our annual beer meeting. If you haven’t read my story posted earlier this week, then you probably don’t understand.

If you did?

Well, you do understand.

I would rather bale hay naked, as my dad would say back in the day. Even with thistles in the field.

Wish I didn’t have to say these words. Any words. Wish he was there, laughing along with us.

But cancer and life is so unfair, at times. Or so we think. It takes some of the best — way, way too early. We grieve and don’t understand. We lose this photo and get mad. We see the “inquiry of life” light blinking, and we throw away our ticket to reality.

Still, it is hard to cope. And, understand why. Why now? Why so young? Why?

Yet, there are some mysteries to this life that we may never fully understand, comprehend and grasp. Maybe that’s OK, too. I want to believe that Eric is in a better place. Laughing. Watching. Without pain. Without regrets. With a Miller Lite in one hand and a “pickled egg” in the other.

So, let’s go cheer on Eric today. Celebrate the life he did enjoy.

So, let’s root home Ed today. Every step of the way. He’s a great friend and ally, and, to be honest, I don’t know what I would do without him.

So, let’s go live. To the fullest.

Just like my great friend, Ed. And, all the great friends I have enjoyed getting to know through my trips around the oval. Here’s a gander at Ed’s “Sunday Selections”:


Note: Ed rates the horses into categories: “A” being the best, of course. To the far right is Ed’s “Top Pick.”


And, thanks, Ed. For picking me up, off the ground. Like a rider after a spill.

No broken bones, mind you.

Just a broken heart.