Day Results 10-3-6-5
2019 Overall 1,049 1,049/374-366-484
Win % of Top Pick 35.65%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 38.89%
2019 Top Pick in the Money –705 of 1,049 67.21%
Top Selection ITM / KEE 14-31 45.16%
Top Selection Win / KEE 7-31 22.58%
“Key Horses” @ KEE 4-0-0-0 0.00%
“Key Horses” in 2019 178-70-35-21 39.33%

Well, we didn’t take another “0-fer” on Sunday. Won 3 races on the 10-race card. And, that’s 3 more than we won on Saturday. Got that going for us.

But, in all honesty, we have started this Fall’s meet a bit like the weather. A little dry. A little dusty. A tad thirsty.

After the first 31 races, we have discovered, unearthed and recommended 7 winners. That’s a win percentage of a paltry 22.58% and a full 13.07% points lower than our overall average this year after 1,049 races that we have handicapped.


We are hoping that we start to warm up a tad, as the temps start to chill a bit. And, we hope that next week, we can recoup some of our initial “investments.” (We don’t lose money. We just “invest it.” To collect on another day.)

See you later this week.