Day Results 11 / 3-2-4
2020 Overall 514 514 / 185-167-203
Win % of Top Pick 35.99%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.99%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –328-514 63.81%
Top Selection ITM / CD Spring-Summer: 15-22 68.18%
Top Selection Win / CD Spring-Summer: 9-22 40.91%
“Key Horses” @ CD Spring-Summer: 1-1-0-0 100.00% Win / 100% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 73-23-17-10 31.51% Win / 68.49% ITM

Louisville Thoroughbred Society founder Gene McLean speaks with a reporter from WDRB.

We managed to boot home a meager 3 out of 11 on Sunday, but we improved in the “Exactas” department. After a woeful attempt to pick the first two finishers on Saturday, we did cash exacta tickets that rendered a handsome $11.00, $56.20, $37.40 and $50.00 for each $1 played.

Thank goodness.

We did manage to hit our first and only “Key Play of the Day” for the first two days of the meet. We also nailed another “Upset Special of the Day,” although the bettors did drift down the odds from the 8-1 ML post to a 9-2 payoff at the start.

It was just good to be back racing in Kentucky.

Hope to see you Thursday.

We shall be right here.

Same COVID-19 Free Bat Channel.

See you then.