Day Results 10 /2-2-4
2020 Overall 633 633 / 220-204-252
Win % of Top Pick 34.76%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.60%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –400-633 63.19%
Top Selection ITM / CD Spring-Summer: 84-141 59.57%
Top Selection Win / CD Spring-Summer: 44-141 31.21%
“Key Horses” @ CD Spring-Summer:12-6-2-3 50.00% Win / 91.67% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 84-28-19-13 33.33% Win / 71.43% ITM

(Got to see my grandson Mac today. What a cutie. Love that boy)

We managed a couple of wins — both with favorites — on Sunday afternoon at the big oval in Louisville. Might have done better under better circumstances, but, then again, we might have done worse, too.

We will try to mend over the next few days and get back on our feet and 100% come Thursday.

Till then, please stay safe and remember the “Golden Rule.”

Due unto others as you would have them due unto you.

It’s a good rule. No matter what you believe or how you believe.

At least, I think so.

See you Thursday, my good friends.