Day Results 8/5-2-0
2019 Overall 1,473 1,473/516-534-651
Win % of Top Pick 35.03%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 38.49%
2019 Top Pick in the Money –968 of 1,473 65.72%
Top Selection ITM / TP Holiday 21-32 65.63%
Top Selection Win / TP Holiday 13-32 40.63%
“Key Horses” @ TP Holiday 3-1-0-0 33.33%
“Key Horses” in 2019 218-84-43-22 38.53% Win / 68.35% ITM

It was a very profitable Saturday at the ole’ ball yard, the Turfway Park version. Out of the 8 races carded over the synthetic surface, we landed on 5 winners.

We also hit the first Pick 5, for a modest return.

And, w hit the final two exactas that paid us a more handsome $28.80 and $30.80 for each $1 played.

In short?

We went long. And, returned more money into the account.

I’ll be the first to admit. I am not the most comfortable person in the world handicapping the synthetic surfaces. Hard to decipher if the turf horses do better than the traditional dirt horses. Hard to see if the closers do better than the speedsters. Hard to handicap, for me, period.

But I have simplified my approach this year for the Holiday Meet.

I simply use my traditional handicapping formulas and go with the horses that I think are the best. Or. I go with the horses that I think are coming into the race in the best form. Or. I go with horses that have shown, in the past, a preference to running over the all-weather.

Seems as if that process has worked so far. After the first 32 races here, I have won 40.63% and my top selection has hit the board on 65.63% of the time.

Not bad.

I’ll take those numbers.

Now, we take off a few days from the handicapping until racing returns to Northern Kentucky on Wednesday.

See you then.

Good Luck & All the Best/Gene