Day Results 9 /3-2-3
2020 Overall 1520 1520 / 536-515-649
Win % of Top Pick 35.26%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 37.28%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –988-1,525 64.79%
Top Selection ITM / CD 40-61 65.58%
Top Selections Win / CD 19-61 31.15%
“Key Horses” @ CD 7-2-0-1 28.57% Win / 42.86% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 204-71-44-28 34.81% Win / 70.10% ITM

Thank the good person above for the “Old Man” — Whitmore.

Just love his style.

Just love this grit and gut.

Just love his determination to win.

Just love the horse.

And, on this day, just love the fact that we touted the “Old Man” in our Breeders’ Cup selections and for a simple $2 win/place/show bet we got back $60.20 and for a simple $1 exacta “key” we got back $138.00.

And, we had more than the simple $2 and $1.

All in all, not a bad Breeders’ Cup.

Not at a’tall.

We got to open The Louisville Thoroughbred Society and to be both honest and modest:

It was spectacular. Simply? Spectacular. Thanks to all who waited patiently for our open. Thanks be to all that came and believed. Thanks be to all who made it happen and made it happen so remarkably good.

If you have not come to see, do yourself a favor and come and see. (Check out our link on that “open look” later today on this site.)

We finished the two days and 14 races with a record of 5-3-3.

We finished the day days as tired and exhausted as if we had run the Classic distance in barefoot.

But we finished the two days in style and in wonderment.

It was a great two days.