Day Results 15 / 4-7-6
2021 Overall 143 143 / 46-52-56
Win % of Top Pick 32.17%
Payoff% of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.90%
2021 Top Pick in the Money Overall — 85-143 59.44%
2021 Top Selection ITM / TP 62-108 57.41%
2021 Top Selections Win / TP 34-108 31.48%
“Key Horses” @ TP 14 / 8-2-0 57.14% Win / 71.43% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2021 23 / 14-3-0 60.87% Win / 73.91% ITM

Well, the snow should did fly up at the “new and improved” Turfway Park on Saturday night. So did a little fur, as the races were halted just a race short of finishing the Pick 5.

So, despite all the efforts to get the races in, they were just not able.

We had a winner and that was our “Key Play of the Day,” at Turfy Park and we nudged home two exactas that returned $60.00 and $6.40 for each 1 played.

We also handicapped 6 races at Gulfstream Park; another three at Oaklawn Park; and two more at Santa Anita in our “Bonus Coverage.”

We finished the day, with 15 races tallied. We had 4 winners, 7 seconds and 6 thirds. Best yet, of the 4 “Key Races of the Day,” we pushed home 3 winners and a second.

After the first month of 2021, our “Key Plays” have gone 8-2-0 in 14 races at Turfway Park — which equals a win percentage of 57.14 and “In the Money” percentage of 71.43.

Overall, we have had 23 designated “Key Plays” for the year. We have tallied 14 wins and 3 seconds. That equals out to a win percentage of 60.87% and our picks have been “In the Money” on 73.91% of the time.

Not bad numbers after the first 31 days.

Here’s hoping we can keep up the momentum.

Look forward to seeing you back at Turfway Park later this week.

Until then?

All the Best / Gene