Total Day Results 8 / 6-2-5
2021 Overall 300 300 / 99-101-115
Win % of Top Pick 33.00%
Payoff% of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.00%
2021 Top Pick in the Money Overall — 182-300 60.67%
2021 Top Selection ITM / TP 119-196 60.71%
2021 Top Selections Win / TP 68-196 34.69%
“Key Horses” @ TP 28 / 14-3-3 50.00% Win / 71.43% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2021 41 / 23-7-3 56.10% Win / 80.49% ITM

What a night at the “new and improved” Turfway Park. Oh, what a night. (Didn’t I hear that once in a song?)

We hit the first three races.

After a deadly miss in the 4th, that cost us the Pick 5 (sorry about that; my 3rd selection won and I used only the top 2; ugh), we hit the next three races.

We scored on exactas that returned $42.80, $8.60 and $12.60 for each $1 played; and we inched up our suggestions to $2 on those that rendered $36.60, and $11.80 per ticket.

Made up for a lot of sins that we had in the “day races.”

Misfired on the G3 Gotham.

Misfired on the G2 Tampa Bay Derby.

And, the San Felipe was such a low payout that we didn’t even attempt a score there.


Oh, what a night at the “new and improved” Turfway Park. And, you just wait until this place is done now. OMG. It will be a show palace.

See you guys on Wednesday. Until then, be safe.

Good Luck & All the Best / Gene