Day Results 10 / 6-4-2
2020 Overall 348 348 / 121-118-135
Win % of Top Pick 34.70%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.82%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –217-348 62.36%
Top Selection ITM / TP Winter-Sprng 180-291 61.86%
Top Selection Win / TP Winter-Spring 104-291 35.74%
“Key Horses” @ TP Winter-Spring 44-11-11-8 25.00% Win / 68.18% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 50-14-13-9 28.00% Win / 72.00% ITM

We enjoyed a rather productive day on Saturday.

Sitting outside at the Lake House, enjoying a great, sunny, beautiful day. So much social distancing that we didn’t see another human.

Except on this new application called “Houseparty.” Wow. What a wonderful thing this is.

My son, Brad, joined. His buddies Brent, Jeremy, Alex joined in, too. Occasionally, a few of Brad’s other childhood and now adulthood buds joined in. My daughter, Alex, tuned in just long enough to lodge her protest that she was not “invited” to our handicapping party. (Brent, in the best line of the day, told Allie to go “…blog about it.” That got a laugh.)

We all sat at our respective homes and watched the races at Oaklawn Park. We bet a few nice plays. Made a little money. Had a big time. Made us forget the world’s problems, for a little while.

It was nice.

What made it nicer was the fact that we nailed six winners on the card. Our top picks returned $19.00, $24.40, $8.20, $33.40, $23.40 and $15.20 for each $2 played across the board. We hit exactas that paid us $32.80, $58.00, $5.10, $31.30, $53.80, $34.20, and $11.90 for each $1 wagered.


The world has made things difficult of late. We made things fun on Saturday, despite the issues.

I look forward to connecting with the “boys” again this weekend.

Just loved it.