Day Results 8/4-2-3
2019 Overall 1,561 1,561/543-561-691
Win % of Top Pick 34.79%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 38.33%
2019 Top Pick in the Money –1,013 of 1,561 64.89%
Top Selection ITM / TP Holiday 66-120 55.00%
Top Selection Win / TP Holiday 40-120 33.33%
“Key Horses” @ TP Holiday 11-6-1-0 54.55%
“Key Horses” in 2019 226-89-44-22 39.38%

It was a profitable day and night at several ball yards around the world on “Super” Saturday. If you follow along with our picks, we had 4 winners out of the 8 races at Turfway Park and collected on three very nice exactas, as well.

The first-second duos returned a healthy assortment of goodies: like $40.80, $25.20, and $36.60 for each $1 wagered.

But that was just part of the iceberg. The rest was “below the surface,” so to speak. Since I have good friends in states that already allow for “Sports Wagering,” I was able to land a trifecta, of sorts.

We had KY Basketball.

We had LSU Football.

And, after a furious rally, we had Clemson Football.

All winners.

Here’s hoping that the Kentucky General Assembly will take the lead of such esteemed members like Rep. Adam Koenig (bill sponsor), House Speaker David Osborne and Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer and pass “Sports Betting” in Kentucky in 2020. Let’s not leave more money on the table so that the Indiana coffers can prosper from our citizens who simply journey across the border to play.

Let’s not waver any more. Let’s take the lead.

Here’s hoping.

But that’s another story, for another day.

At the end of Saturday’s racing action, we have now handicapped a grand total of 1,561 races in 2019. Unless I go crazy and do something on New Year’s Eve, this will finish up our yearly numbers.

And, they really were not bad at all.

Our overall win for the year capped out at 34.79% — above the favorite’s average.

Our top picks finished “In the Money” on 64.89% of the time.

And, our “Key Horses” won nearly 40.00% of 226 races, and they hit “The Board” 68.58% of the time. Nice numbers.

Looking back:

We won with .33% of our top picks at the recent Turfway Park Holiday Meet. Our top pick hit the board .55% of the time.

At Churchill Downs in November, our top pick won 35.20% of the time and our top selection hit the board 65.60%.

On Breeders’ Cup Saturday, I had a record of 4-6-3 in the 9 races.

On Breeders’ Cup Friday, I went 2-2-1 in the 5 events.

At Keeneland in October, I fell below company standards. Woefully. Disappointedly. My top pick won only 26.70% of the time, and my top pick hit the board only 52.80%. Not proud numbers.

At Churchill Downs in September, I rocked it. My top pick won 37.78% of the time, and my top pick hit the board 65.56%

In the Spring/Summer Meet at Churchill Downs, I won with 34.94% of the 352 races I handicapped. My top pick hit the board 66.48% of the time.

In the Spring at Keeneland, I finished with 31 winners in 100 races I handicapped. My top pick hit the board 66% of the time.

Leading up to the Keeneland meet, I spent the winter handicapping at the Fair Grounds. One of my most favorite meets of the year, to be honest. My top pick in 651 races there won at a 39.48% clip. My top pick hit the board 70.81% of the time. Now, you probably know why I just love the racing in New Orleans.

I hope you enjoyed the 2019 year, and travelled the circuits with me.

Most of all, I hope you had a little fun and made a little money, along the way.

Handicapping is not an easy proposition. You have highs, and lows. Good meets and poor ones. Ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are rocking it. Sometimes the game is rocking you.

But we enjoyed it immensely.

We hope you did, too. That’s why we do it. And, that’s why we provide our picks and analysis “free of charge.”

We hope that it helps you — the bettor.

But…looking ahead?

Here’s hoping that 2020 is even better.

For you.

For us.

For all of us.

More importantly, though, I wish you all a Happy New Year — full of bounty and blessings. We are so very fortunate to live in the world’s greatest country. That’s a win that we should celebrate each and every day.

See you soon.

Good Luck & All the Best/Gene