Day Results 9-2-4-5
2019 Overall 264 264/97-100-125
Win % of Top Pick 36.74%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 40.66%
2019 Top Pick in the Money –184 of 264 69.70%
Top Selection ITM / FG Nov-Mar 311-443 70.20%
Top Selection Win / FG Nov-Mar 170-443 38.37%
“Key Horses” @ FG Nov-Mar 99-44-18-14 44.44%
“Key Horses” in 2019 71-28-12-11 39.44%

It was an unusual day on Monday — President’s Day — at the Fair Grounds. We managed only two winners on the card, and they came in the first two events on the day.


There’s always a but, right?

Our top pick hit the board in all 9 races.


We hit for exactas that returned $5.70, $41.20, $17.80, $2.40, $11.90, $9.30, and $59.50 for each $1 wagered on the day. Our “Return on Investment” in the exactas was $67.80 for each $1 played — after cost.

If you are an exacta player, it was a good day. Right?

Our ROI on straight wagers, though, left a little to be desired. We were a negative $7.10 for each. This is calculated at $2 wagered across the board. So, our net was not a positive thing.

Still, all in all, our win percentage this year — 2019 — is hovering over 36.74%, and our top selection has hit the board 69.70% of the time.

For the Fair Grounds meet, which dates back to November 2018, our top pick has hit the board 70.20% of the time, and our top pick has won 38.37% of the time.

Here’s hoping you have a couple of nice days off, and we will see you on Thursday when we take a whack at that huge Black Gold 5 carryover pool.

Good Luck & All the Best/Gene