Day Results 9 / 2-1-6
2020 Overall 755 755 / 271-247-297
Win % of Top Pick 35.89%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.98%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –482-755 63.84%
Top Selection ITM / CD Spring-Summer: 163-257 63.42%
Top Selection Win / CD Spring-Summer: 92-257 35.80%
“Key Horses” @ CD Spring-Summer:29-13-6-5 44.83% Win / 82.76% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 102-36-23-15 35.29% Win / 72.55 ITM

Finished up the Churchill Downs’ Spring / Summer Meet with a whimper. Just 2 winners on the 9-race card, and nothing to get real excited about at all. (After all, we were out of the Pick 6 Jackpot after the first race.)

But we made the best of a tough situation this spring, much like the best racing venue in the entire free world. During this meet, our top pick won 35.80% of the time. Our top pick finished “In the Money” on 63.42% of the time.

Our best efforts were with our “Key Plays of the Day.” During this meet, our “Key” horses won at a 44.83% rate and finished “ITM” on 82.76% of the time.

We will not handicap full cards until we see you again the first week of September — when we will have the revamped Kentucky Derby Week of festivities and races.

We will handicap a few races along the way until we get there, though. Some races at Ellis Park. Some races at Keeneland. Some races up at Saratoga. Maybe, even, some races at Del Mar.

Most of all, though, we will be finishing up the rest of the work on The Louisville Thoroughbred Society — our private membership club that is located in downtown Louisville. It will be a premium location to watch, wager and enjoy the entire Thoroughbred experience. Go to our website and check it out. Better, yet, come see us. We are hosting a few “Sneak” looks starting this Tuesday. Get in touch with our very own Hayley Amoss — Director of Membership Services. She will get you signed up.

Until we catch up again…

Be safe…

Be healthy…

And, most of all, be good to you and others.

See you soon / Gene