Day Results 8-2-1-7
2019 Overall 332 332/125-122-163
Win % of Top Pick 37.65%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 41.41%
2019 Top Pick in the Money –238 of 332 71.69%
Top Selection ITM / FG Nov-Mar 365-511 71.43%
Top Selection Win / FG Nov-Mar 198-511 38.75%
“Key Horses” @ FG Nov-Mar 113-49-21-15 43.36%
“Key Horses” in 2019 85-33-15-12 38.82%

The rains have wrecked a little bit of havoc with the turf racing schedule and calendar down at the Fair Grounds most recently. And, as such, they have bogged down some of our momentum, as well. Since we handicap the races a couple of days in advance, we have to make a decision whether or not we “anticipate” that the races will stay on the turf or be switched to the main track in advance — based on the weather forecasts. Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we are wrong.

Of late, we have had difficulty picking the track choice.

And, as such, we have had some difficulty in picking the right horse choice.

On Sunday, another day the races were washed off the turf, we managed to have 2 winners out of 8 races. One race — #8 — we had so many scratches of our top picks that we declared it a “non-betting” race for our picks, alone.

All that being written, we are still having a very solid meet.

Our top pick has been in the money 71.69% of the time since the beginning of 2019. Our top pick has hit the board 71.43% of the time since we switched over from Churchill Downs in late November to the current meet in New Orleans.

And, we have correctly selected the winner 37.65% of the time since Jan. 1, and 38.75% of the time in 511 races this meet. Our “Key Play of the Day” has won 43.36% of the time in 113 selections this meet. And, our “Key Play of the Day” picks have hit the board 75.22% of the time.

Not bad numbers.

But we are looking for more. And, we will be right back at it tomorrow when the Fair Grounds has a special “Fat Tuesday” race card.

See you tomorrow.