Editor’s Note:

On this Christmas Day, we hope that you are home, free, healthy, calm and are enjoying your family and faith.

I hope that we all don’t allow the awful things that happened today in Nashville ruin who we are and what we are called to do on this most beautiful day of both celebration and reflection. It is our spiritual rite and right. And, I hope that we never allow the ugly and awful to ever stomp out our love for each other and this country.

I hope that the star still shines bright on the top of your tree.

I hope that the angels above us grant us peace and harmony.

I pray that we all will enjoy a better 2021, and that we never forget the pain, agony and suffering of 2020. It is what life deals us, a great separation of joy and pain. It is what tests both our strength to survive and our love of having survival.

I wish you all the best on this Christmas Day 2020.

Love to you and yours from me and mine.

Here’s a look at us:

The Beautiful LA:

My Great Son Will T:

My Great Son Brad

My Sweet Daughter-In-Law Kate & Lady Kate:

The Great, Great Grand Son Ford:

The Great, Great Grand Son Jack:

The Beautiful Daughter Alex:

Alex McLean

The Fantastic Son-In-Law Evan:

The Great, Great Grandson Mac:

And, of course, the Matriarch: Grandmomma Betty: