(Harley / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

Dear owners, trainers, breeders, racing officials, race track employees, and all horse racing enthusiasts:
Today I want to bring to light the importance of SB120, a bill which protects historical horse racing (HHR) in Kentucky. The bill has passed through the Senate Licensing and Occupations Committee and now will be presented to the full Senate in Kentucky for a vote.
Your efforts in supporting SB120 are still needed, whether you are a resident of Kentucky or not. The entire horse industry, and the agricultural community still need to act.
If you are a resident of Kentucky, please contact your representatives in the Kentucky legislature every day until a vote is taken to urge them to pass SB 120 using the link below. If you are not a resident of Kentucky, we ask you to follow the same link below and sign the petition that will be presented to Kentucky’s Legislature to maintain HHR.
Please understand your voice is critical to ensure historical horse racing continues in Kentucky and will protect the much-needed jobs within horse racing.
Contact Kentucky legislative representatives by clicking this link.
Residents and non-residents of Kentucky please let Kentucky representatives know how important HHR is to Kentucky and the entire horse racing industry. Ask them to protect valuable jobs and encourage them to pass SB 120 allowing HHR facilities to continue operations.
The National HBPA is grateful for your support and action in helping save historical horse racing.
Eric J. Hamelback
National HBPA CEO