From the HBPA Media Team:

This last few years Mr. Hans Albrecht, Dr. Rob Holland and I have run a one-day Farrier /Veterinarian /Researcher seminar in mid-January, and it is again this coming Sunday, January the 24th..   The 2021 conference will be hosted as a ZOOM conference, and you and any of our colleagues are welcome to join us for the workshop via ZOOM. Please feel free to share this email for the registration details.



Race track safety, use of motion sensor technologies to monitor the biomechanical health of race horses with guest speaker from the Singapore Turf Club, Dr. Mathieu Spriet on Positron Emission Tomography and its applications, and Dr. Ryan Carpenter on approaches to racetrack safety in Southern California racing.


Proximal sesamoid bones: how to best protect the bones and their function in racing horses.

To attend you MUST register.  After registering you will receive an email with the ZOOM link.

To register please go to the link below:

Eric J. Hamelback

Please connect with the National HBPA, Click Below to Register

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