New stair wells, which will be attached to the Hughes Building and a new parking garage, are now under construction at the site for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society — at 209 East Main Street in historic, downtown Louisville.

One set of the new stairs will be erected near Main Street, and is now fully engaged and underway.

The second column for new stairs will be constructed at the North end of the building, and near Washington Street. Each new structure is expected to take about 4 weeks to fully build out.

After the staircases are fully built, shaft towers for two new elevators will be built, as well. And, at the same time, columns and braces will soon be lowered into place to house the new parking garage — which will connect the Ice House and the Hughes Building.

The rooftop of the new parking garage will serve as an expansive green roof, equipped with lounge and eating areas, along with outdoor fire pits and potted ferns, shrubs and small trees. This area will serve as an exclusive outdoor entertainment zone for members of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

The North end of the rooftop will also be the home of Louisville’s finest and most exclusive “Cigar Bar.” Some of the world’s finest smokes and blends will be housed in the area’s largest and most modern humidor, and available for purchase. The outdoor smoking pavilion will provide a premium area for customers and members to enjoy the finest Cigars in the world.

Both of these upscale options will provide the Louisville Thoroughbred Society with the best full-service venue in the entire region and Commonwealth. All the while, members and their guests will be able to enjoy live Thoroughbred racing on one of the largest and most advanced, state-of-the-art audio and video systems.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society — a private membership club that will provide upscale amenities and services to all persons interested in, invested in and fans of the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industries — is expected to be open for business in 2019.

Membership applications are available on-line, and the numbers will be restricted to the first 1,000 persons interested in belonging. The club is expecting to reach half of its’ expectant membership roll by the time of the 2019 Kentucky Derby, the first Saturday in May.

For more information on how you can join, simply go to the club’s exclusive website at and click on the “Membership Application.”

You can join with just a few clicks of a button.

If you have any questions, be sure to drop us a note at [email protected]