Editor’s Note:

New Year’s Eve at The Louisville Thoroughbred Society?


What a night.

That turned into?




What a headache the following morn. On the very next day.

But it was worth it.

I think.

The historic building has never looked better. Decorated from top to bottom in glitz and style that would make one remember the “Roaring Twenties;” the ballroom acts of yesteryear; all the way to the style of today.

The drinks were flowing. Down a slope of ice into a shot glass chilled only to perfection.

The “Ski Slopes” were alive with the sound of music from one of the best bands that Nashville has to offer.

And, the themed “Ski Lodge Chic” was decked out in Holiday style, as the ladies wore fur from head to toe.

It was a blast and the only way to say goodbye to 2021, which was the year we finally were able to launch the LTS back last March.

It was a boom and the only way to say hello to 2022, when we hope to finally say goodbye and good damn riddance to COVID and all of its allies.

It was a celebration worth remembering.

It was a celebration worth capturing.

It was one helluva party.

Thanks be to the staff at the LTS, led by our Director — Erica Outlaw. (By the way, how’s that for a last name. Outlaw. Are you kidding me? Perfect name.) They did such a magnificent job decorating and turning the place into a show palace. They did such a magnificent job serving and turning the place into party central. They did such a magnificent job of smiling; laughing; joining in and participating, turning it into a “family night.” They did such a marvelous job of keeping us all safe and sound. All the way to the next day.

Thanks be to members and guests, who came; who saw; who conquered all. What a great group of people to enjoy the night away.

Thanks be.

Here’s just a few looks: