(Swiss Skydiver wins the G2 Santa Anita Oaks / Photo Courtesy of Santa Anita)

From the Santa Anita Media Team:


          MIKE SMITH, SWISS SKYDIVER, WINNER: “I want to thank our U.S. Military from the past, present and future, for all the sacrifices they have made, from all the jockeys, we thank you.

“In talking to Kenny (McPeek) he said, ‘Mike you can play either way, just play it off the break, she has plenty of speed if you need it or she’ll sit and settle if you want to.’ So I felt pretty confident then. And just to make myself more confident I reached out to Brian Hernandez and I asked him. He told me, ‘If you want her in the lead she will go to it easily.’ So I checked all the boxes and then I just stayed on. That’s pretty much all I did.

“When a horse puts their ears forward like that, that means there usually is something left in the tank. They are kind of taking a breather, looking at things. When I tightened the reins up she really accelerated  I kept busy until about the eighth pole and really, she was on cruise control after that. She’s an extremely talented filly.

“I want to thank the owners the Callahans, I go way back with them so thank you!”


KENNETH MCPEEK, SWISS SKYDIVER, WINNER: “She’s good, just keeps getting better too. I was reluctant to bring her  We thought maybe we ought to wait for the Ashland with a short field and everything. She’s easy to be around, she loves to run. They asked me to bring her vet records, I said ‘Tthere aren’t any!’ The went 22 and change speed early, which kind of surprised me, but she’s got it in her. She’s getting better too, I think.”

BOB BAFFERT, MERNEITH, THIRD: “That filly (Swiss Skydiver) is a super filly.  I was hoping for an easy lead, but we couldn’t get the lead.  Mike Smith is so good from the one hole.  He got the jump on us and that was it.”

NOTES: The winning owner is Peter J. Callahan.