(Queen Bee to You after wining the La Canada Stakes / Photo Courtesy of Santa Anita)

From the Santa Anita Media Team:


RUBEN FUENTES, QUEEN BEE TO YOU, WINNER:   “I thought my horse was getting rank, but the pace was a little slow and that’s why she was pulling. Thankfully the rail was open and I took that spot, I realized I was going a little slow so I said I’m in the perfect spot. Once she made the lead, she relaxed real nice.  My plan was to angle outside and put the pressure on the other filly (Der Lu), but we ended up inside and she fought back.”

“I want to thank everyone who always gives me an opportunity, I always try my best.”

DRAYDEN VAN DYKE, DER LU, SECOND:  “She relaxed really well and she ran well.  That other filly just came back and got us.  Too good to lose.”


ANDREW LERNER, QUEEN BEE TO YOU, WINNER: “She has been training so well, she coming into each race so happy and doing so extremely well. The plan wasn’t to be that close but in the paddock she was so much on the muscle, I told Ruben, ‘She’s not gonna let you hold her back this time.’ So I got a little nervous that he wasn’t able to get outside but  what a brilliant ride by Ruben he’s just done so good for us.

“She’s just one of those gritty mares that wants to win.  She’s just all heart and you gotta love horses like that.  It’s unbelievable, just to saddle next to guys like Bob Baffert, Richard Mandella and Richie Baltas, guys I’ve looked up to growing up and going to the races.  It’s incredible to be in the same paddock with them, but to be standing here in the Winner’s Circle, it means a lot.”

CHRISTOPHER ST. HILAIRE, OWNER, QUEEN BEE TO YOU, WINNER: “An equal amount of Blueberries is the most famous line from Casino, one of my favorite movies. All of the horses we own will be run under that name in the future. It is absolutely incredible, I called Ruben six months ago in the evening, I said I think you are the best young rider out there and were gonna give you first choice on all of our mounts and it has turned out to be the right move. He’s talent. To pass like he did after being passed, it is not an easy task.”

ADAM VALI, OWNER, QUEEN BEE TO YOU, WINNER: “It’s incredible this is the only horse that I own, I am just happy to be along for the ride.”

NOTES: The winning owners are An Equal Amount of Blueberries, LLC and Adam Vali.