(Our group in the winner’s circle at Indy Grand after Diamond Solitaire’s win)

Editor’s Note:

I wrote this earlier this week, when I delved into my weekly handicapping hobby. I thought I would dust it off and bring it back to the table today. Kind of like the turkey and dressing that doesn’t get devoured on Day One of Thanksgiving.

A bit of a leftover, so to speak. But one I thought was worth remembering for me. And, a thought or two worth considering, too.

These have not been easy days for any of us in 2020. Too much stress. Too much strain. Too much sickness. As my Dad used to say: “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

That may be my motto of 2020.

Still the same, we need to take a bit of time to give “Thanks.”

Thanks to our faith in both heaven and earth. Some days that may be the same, as in heaven on earth. Some days they may be universe’s apart. Every day, we are lucky to land foot on one, and cast an eye to the other.

Thanks to our friends, both the fury and the faithful, for helping sustain us when we doubted our own legs and spirit to carry us and carry on.

Thanks to our daily bread, for there are others that don’t have any. Let us be the ones to help provide.

Thanks to our families, for blood is always thicker than water.

Thanks — and, at the same time, prayers — for our country. Still, the greatest place in the entire world to live. We have overcome much. We have much still to overcome. But let us find the will to strive and do better and the will to get it done.

Thanks — and, at the same time, prayers —  to the ones that step forward and “volunteer” to be our government officials and leaders. For the vast majority it is a thankless job. Too many needs. Too few rations. But I firmly believe that the vast majority still strive to do the right thing for the right reasons.

Thanks for the right to believe in what I believe in, and stand up for it without fear of persecution and penalty. Freedom of thought is just as important as the ability to speak it.

Thanks for you. Each and every one of you. While you may not agree with me, you still find your way to these pages to read, and, perhaps, nod “yes” from time to time. I don’t know most of you by individual introduction. But I know you. And, I call you friend.

Thanks for the chance to still stand on the “green side” of this Earth, and still do what I love to do. There have been times when the doctors told me that it was over. But as Yogi once said: “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

I hope you have a great day. More importantly, I hope you have a better year coming. We all deserve a little peace. Some quiet, too. And better health.

Here’s What I Wrote Earlier This Week:

Despite what some may say, it will be Thanksgiving on Thursday and there will be food on hand to eat; beverages to be drank; friendships to be renewed; and thanks to be given. And, we will do it with friends and family. Per always. In person.

Despite what some may do, it will be a week to celebrate, and, yes, congregate around a table of harvest. The gathering won’t be as large as usual, and the hugs will be more virtual than what we will like. We will distance. We will wear masks. We will wash our hands. We will be cautious and careful. It makes sense. And, we will do it. But we will come together, still the same. Because that is what we do.

Despite what some may order, we will comply with common sense and we will do what all great Americans have done since the Pilgrims met their Native American friends for the first time at a table filled with both food and hope. We will come together. And, we will smile on one another.

I hope that you and your family will have a time to celebrate in the way that you choose to do so. For some, our way of doing business works. For some, it does not. But in this country and in these times, we will always do what we think is best and do our best. Freedom of choice is what has always made America and Americans great.

We recognize the health issues that many around the globe have suffered with and through. We are dedicated soldiers to the cause of eradicating this awful plight on both society and person. We will do our part and we will do our precaution. Yet, we will continue to live — not climbing under the bed with a blanket of fright over our heads.

What makes practical sense, we will do.

What government orders — based on pure opinion and conjecture — will be not be tolerated. We will not be bullied. We and our businesses will do what it takes to be both safe and survive.

So, in this week of celebration, I hope you and yours can celebrate. In the way that you feel most comfortable and safe. We will do likewise. And, we shall meet again on the other side.