(Happy birthday Allie)

Editor’s Note:

On a matter of personal privilege, I want to wish my beautiful daughter, Alex, a very happy birthday. I always remember this one easily. After all, it’s “Ground Hog Day.”

I always called Allie my “Ground Hog Gal.”

She may not have appreciated that title, and I can understand why. She is so much more beautiful than “Phil,” both inside and out. Her shadow is pretty, well, pretty, too.

She is a lovely person. She is a successful professional. She is a great photographer, aspiring to do more. She owns her own fashion blog, too. Check it out at www.lexwhatwear.com. Amazing. She works full-time with the Country Music Awards. You can often see her escorting some of the genre’s greatest on the red carpet.

She is a loving, caring, sharing mother of one. And, she is a wonderful bride to a husband of one, too. LOL.

I always tell others that you can raise 10 boys for every girl. Seems as if you could get mad at a boy and 15 minutes later, neither father or son could remember what the argument was about.

Girls, on the other hand?

I always said that I could just give my daughter a “look,” and 30 years later she would remember it.

But having both boys and girls in my family, I can tell you that I am most happy to have them both.

Alex is the one who never backs down, and always speaks her mind and opinion. A fight is no fight for her. Just a regular job.

Alex is the one that will bust your belly, and not take “no” for an answer, if she disagrees. Stands her ground even on sinking sand.

Alex is the one that moved off to New York — the city so nice that they named it twice, New York, New York — with a couple of suitcases and a dream.

Alex is the one that returned from New York City — with a lifetime full of memories; a dream come true; and a lady tough as any Northerner wants to be.

Alex is a beauty, with a smile built for the movies. But she is prettier on the inside; in her heart; in her soul. She is built long on love.

Alex cares more about things than she should, but thank God someone does.

Alex gets more done in a single day than her old dad can put on a “To Do List.” Thank God, she does.

And, Alex is as true to her mission as anyone I have ever met or known. With her? It’s all about 1st Corinthians 13:13:

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Thank God for my Allie.

Happy birthday pretty girl.

You dad is so proud of you.

Your dad is so happy for you.

Your dad has faith in you.

You dad hopes the best for you, every single day.

Your dad loves you so very much.

And, the greatest of these is love.