(My grandson Mac Sharp. The son of my daughter Alex and her husband Evan. One of my three grandsons. One of the reasons that makes every grandfather today live on; love on; believe on.)

Editor’s Note:

These are not good times in our country and in our world. A hidden and deadly disease is ready to attack us and our way of life at any moment in time. A deadly curse is poised at every turn and it plays no favorites, and takes few prisoners.

These are difficult times.

But while these times test our soul and our resolve, it only takes a photograph to turn that frown upside down. It only takes one look to strengthen our spirit and tighten the hatch. It only takes that one look into the eyes and know that everything is going to be OK. Come hell. Which is right now. Or. High water. Which may be later.

We will survive.

We will see each other on the other side.

And, we will love once again.

For me, it only takes one look. And, I know why.

(Mac is a beauty. Mac is a handful. Mac is ready to go mowing.)