The Pressbox Show For Saturday May 26

The Pressbox Show Saturday May 26. The Pressbox show is hosted by world renowned broadcaster Dave Baker and Gene McLean. Drop us an email or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook as we entertain and educate on this week’s great, upcoming Stakes schedule.

She got lonely. She made the race exciting, didn’t she? She’s got a lot of talent. Ignacio gave me a heads up in the Paddock. He said, Listen, make sure to keep her attention at all times, keep her focused, and now we see why, right? We weren’t expecting that. After she went out there, I left her alone. She has a beautiful stride – I thought, she’s better than everybody in here.

“When she got to about the three-sixteenth pole, she started drifting. I got into her left-handed a few times. I don’t know if it was the stick that caused it. She kind of went in before I used the stick. I think she was waiting on competition. She kinda did it with control. Wow, she’s talented.”

Joe Bravo, Winning rider