That picture above is one of my mare, Diamond Seeker, in her field of study.  It was taken by her primary caregiver, Tory.  And, it is a very special photo that I keep on my desk. I look at it often.  Always, it brings a smile to my face and faith in my heart. The sun does shine bright, right?

There has never been a filly, in my lifetime, that tried as hard and gave as much as this filly did.  And, she never won a race. But she had talent and heart, and if it wasn’t for a serious knee injury that she sustained in her second start, I am sure she would have been a good one.

Now, she bides her time on the farm and takes care of her youngsters. She has a yearling colt, by Caleb’s Posse, and a baby filly, by Jack Milton.  They both have her attitude, and I hope they both make her proud on the racetrack one day soon.

But photos are very important.  That one is to me.  I’m sure you have ones that are important to you, too.  As a result…

Starting this week, The Pressbox ( will begin a weekly “Photo Contest” for all Thoroughbred racing and breeding fans and enthusiasts from Coast to Coast.

All you have to do is submit a photo to our website and/or email addresses and you will become entered for that week’s “Contest.” To be considered for the week’s competition, your photo has to be received by 12 p.m. Noon ET on Thursday. If your picture is selected as the WINNER by our fine team of panelists — which will include Kelly Sears, Alex McLean, Aaron Bacon, and Jodie Vella-Gregory — then you will receive a check for $25.


Unless, the winner of the photo contest decides to roll the dice, so to speak.  In this case, though, they will be “betting the ponies.”

If the winner sends us a confirmation email authorizing us to bet that $25 on a horse that has been determined by our “In-House Handicapper” (Gene McLean) to be our “Best Bet of the Day,” we will place a $25 WIN BET for that Contest Winner.

If that horse wins, then the Contest Winner takes home the entire payoff for the win bet — including the initial $25.  If that horses loses, well, you gave it a shot. And, there’s always a contest the next week.

We will define for the public our “Bet of the Day” in advance of Saturday’s races on our weekly “Saturday Preview Show,” which is hosted by the awarding winning announcer Dave Baker.

Each week, we will announce the winner of the “Picture of the Week” contest on Friday by noon.  So, the winner will have about 24 hours to alert us if they wish to collect the $25, or, instead, if they wish for us to bet the $25.  It will be a WIN BET ONLY.  If we do not hear from the Contest Winner, we will forward the check to your home address for the $25.

There is one more kicker.  Each week’s “Photo Contest Winner” will automatically become eligible for the “Photo of the Year.” That, too, will be selected by our Team of Photo Experts. And, the “Photo of the Year” will be selected on Thursday (Nov. 2) before the Breeders’ Cup Classic (to be held at Del Mar on Nov. 4). If you win that contest, as the “Photo of the Year,” you will receive a $200.

Again, the winner will have the choice to receive a check for $200, or to allow us to wager that $200 as a WIN TICKET on our “Best Bet of the Day” in the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Again, we will have to receive a confirmation email from the winner in advance to make that wager.

So, get those phone cameras, digital lenses, and/or that old Cannon or Pentax in the closest out, dusted off and ready to go.  Here’s your chance to be a WINNER.

Please submit all your photos to us via email to:

Good luck &

All the Best/Gene