Editor’s Note:

It was an incredible night (or was it “day?”) of racing on Saturday. It was the annual Saudi Cup Festival of Racing, and some of the world’s best Thoroughbreds made the trek from various locations around the world for what is fast becoming one of the game’s most prestigious events.

There, along with the horses, were Kurtis Coady and the brilliant Megan Devine to capture some of the horses and most of the glory.

And, per usual, they worked their magic to bring some of the most amazing glimpses of the majestic horses in pure motion and fluid athleticism.

Here’s some of their looks on Saturday. All Photos by Coady Photography

The Saudi Derby: Pink Kamehameha Holds Off the Late-Closing Cowan

The Obaiya Arabian Classic: Mubasher Alkhalediah

The Red Sea Handicap: Gifts of Gold

The Turf Sprint: Space Blues:

The Neom Turf Cup: True Self

Scenes From the Saudi Cup Festival: