Editor’s Note:

Nothing is more picturesque that Keeneland Race Course on a Fall day.

The leaves are changing colors.

The silks are all kinds of colors.

The sky is the bluest of blue.

The grass is truly a blue-hint green.

The dirt a dash of brown.

The stone a wash of white and gray lime.

All kinds of colors to mix and match.

And, then you add the horses. The wonderful, bounding, pounding, snorting horses to the fore.

The horses are — yep — all kinds of colors. Red as chestnuts. Brown and bay, and as dark as night. Gray and roan, like what Father Time has done to granddad’s hair. And, a mix of hair colors in-between.

They all splash together in what Leroy Neiman tried to duplicate, but only God could master.

A living oil of what horse racing is supposed to be.

Here’s a glimpse through the eyes of lens of the photographers at Coady.

They capture what we could not all see this past weekend. And, a glorious weekend it turned out to be.

All Photos by Coady Photography: