(Breeders’ Cup at Keeneland / Coady Photography)

Editor’s Note:

Could there be anything more beautiful in the entire world?

A picture perfect Fall day in Kentucky was simply made for pictures. And, the experts at Coady Photography delivered. With purple excellence and mastery that equalled the temps and the splashes of color.

A picture perfect day at Keeneland, a place carved from both history and ground that is simply made for photography and artists that can capture the moments and store them in time. And, the pros at Coady Photography delivered. Again. With snapshots that steal the heart and capture the soul right down to the core.

A picture perfect day for the Breeders’ Cup, the world’s Championship Day. A day that John Gaines envisioned and made happen with his grit and grind. A day that we have come to love and watch, even when 2020 has kicked us in the groin and this Presidential Election has gone on longer than life itself. (Or so it seems.) And, the people at Coady Photography delivered. All the pomp. All the circumstance. All the victory. All the defeat. All the rise in emotions. All the fall in spirits.

A picture perfect day.

Take a look.

Through the eyes and lens of Coady Photography: