Editor’s Note:

From time to time, we take a look at “celebrities” in the Thoroughbred industry and then find their “match” in another world.

It’s just a fun thing.

It’s just a little game that I always play when sitting in an airport or a waiting room with my wife. “Hey babe, that guy there looks like…”

Sometimes she agrees with me.

Sometimes she doesn’t. Surprise. Surprise.

But it is a fun way to pass the time away.

And, we would like your “vote” as to whether or not you think that our two “stars” could exchange roles and serve as “doubles” in the other person’s world.

So, here is our listing for today:

Jack Wolf, of Starlight Racing:

(Take a look at our great friend, Jack Wolf, who is the “star” of Starlight Racing. In the photo on the left, Jack is standing next to trainer Bob Baffert. In the photo on the right, Jack is in-between trainers Bob Baffert and Todd Pletcher. / Photos from Jack’s Facebook page.)

And, who is Jack’s “double?”

How about:

(Star Trek’s superstar actor Patrick Stewart, who is now starring in some advertisements for Uber Eats / Photos From Patrick Stewart’s Facebook page.)

What do you think?

We hope that Hollywood casts Patrick Stewart in the upcoming movie / story of our very own Jack Wolf.

It may be in theaters near you — soon.