(Construction of the newly proposed parking garage in underway at the site of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society / Photo by Gene McLean)

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, construction workers and developers took another big step forward at the new site proposed for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

With the crank of an engine and the drill of an enormous bit, test pylons were drilled deep into the soil at 209 East Main Street where a newly designed parking lot will be constructed and built next to what will become the “Hughes Building.”

The rooftop of that new garage, which could take about 9 months to fully construct, will be an open air bar, green roof and recreational area for the new home of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society. The rooftop will also be home to downtown Louisville’s first and foremost, premier Cigar Bar.

Architectural drawings for the new addition have been completed, and the principals of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society are in final negotiations with a premier producer, manufacturer, and retailer of the world’s finest line of premium cigars to joint-venture in that aspect of the newly proposed businesses.

In addition, the rooftop will also serve as the base for a new, glass-enclosed addition on the side of the building which will add space for dining options, leisure areas, and state-of-the-art audio/video equipment and High-Definition video walls that will help promote the Thoroughbred industry in the rapidly developing downtown expansions and renovations.

Here are some pictures from today’s activities. The results of the test pylons will be known within a week. If all comes back well, full construction and implementation on the garage will begin. Times are getting fun.

(A look at the big “driller” at the garage site / Photo by Gene McLean)

(A test pylon has been drilled into the soil for the newly proposed parking garage / Photo by Gene McLean)

(The huge driller powered the test pylon into the ground / Photo by Gene McLean)

(The bit used to drill for the test pylon / Photo by Gene McLean)

(Front end loader on the grounds and ready to go / Photo by Gene McLean)