(A look inside the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society through the window of opportunity / Photo by Gene McLean)

Editor’s Note:

Stopped by The Louisville Thoroughbred Society today to check in on the construction and renovations going on at 209 East Main Street. Didn’t stay long. If you do, you will get a hammer, a work apron and a job duty.

But stayed long enough to see some major progress in the project — which is scheduled to open for our members and guests prior to the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

It is truly amazing to see a “baby” mature, right before your eyes. Each day something new goes up. Something old comes down. Something amazing happens. And, a dream comes a little more into focus. A dream becomes a little closer to reality.

If you have not signed up for the “LTS,” go to our website (www.thelouisvillethoroubhbredsociety.com) and fill out your application. We will be opening our doors soon to a brand new way to watch, wager and enjoy the races. We will be welcoming new people to our Main Street location (209 East Main) for lunch; sips of your favorite bourbons and beers; and one of the region’s biggest and best Cigar Bars and walk-in humidors. Soon, a state-of-the-art “Cigar Pavilion” will be open on our rooftop, and an outdoor entertainment zone will be a final resting place for a busy work day.

It will be a private club like no other.

It will be a place to come and visit; enjoy and stay.

It will be luxury.

Here’s a peak inside. Soon, the curtains will be raised for good.

All Photos by Gene McLean

(The Cigar Bar windows are getting primed and the bar is covered for the ceiling varnish to go on.)

(A special, hand-built wooden drop ceiling is going in the walk-in humidor.)


(The raised wooden panels have been added to the main bar. A granite bar will be mounted to the top.)

(Plastic has been added to cover the duct work and allow painters to stain the original wood beams — that were first installed in 1900.)

(The tile floor in the main entrance foyer was getting installed on Tuesday, and wood trim was being added to the ceiling. That trim? It’s former slats in the wooden floor that is being repurposed now as trim work. Here is where the fun begins.)

(More looks at the main bar area.)

(Electrical lines are being run from the street and trunked into the basement.)

(Walls are getting painted and primed. Concrete mix is curing and being readied for more tile work.)


(Work continues on the attached parking garage. Columns and beams are being poured — even in the cold temps — and being readied for the second floor.)

(The front landing is being built out. Soon, the main lobby will have a brand new entrance.)