(The entrance foyer to the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society has new tile on the floor.)

Editor’s Note:

Work continues at the Hughes Lofts, and 209 East Main Street — the site of the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society. 

Hard work. Long work. Good work.

Things are coming together. Good things are to come.

Stay tuned.

But until the doors open wide, here’s another little look inside:

(A new staircase is being constructed at the Main Street entrance. One set leads down to the basement. The other to the main foyer, where LTS members and guests can either catch the elevator or take the stairs up to the “Members-Only” club.)

(Stain is going on the beautiful, original wooden beams that have held up this structure since the initial build out in 1900. Gorgeous looks are ahead.)

(Wood work and stain are going on the wall and ceiling above the historic and restored bar in the “Cigar Room.” Above the bar cabinet is repurposed wood from another location in the building. Can you guess what it used to be? It used to be part of the tongue-and-groove wooden floor.)

(This space is already beautiful, and about to get better.)

(A drop ceiling — that will be adorned in wood works — will hang about the sale’s island in the walk-in humidor.)

(Tile has been installed in the main entrance foyer. A look of both old and new that is married at the hip.)