(The bulbs are coming on inside the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society)

Editor’s Note:

It was President’s Day on Monday. No better way to celebrate the lives and times of some of the United States’ best past executives than to build a better future. And, on Monday, we were building a better future for the Thoroughbred industry in Kentucky. On Monday, we were building a better future for the Thoroughbred industry in downtown Louisville. On Monday, we were building the future Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

Come along for the ride with us. It’s going to be fun.

Here’s another sneak preview of the work going on — both inside and out. It won’t be that much longer before we are bellying up to the bar; bellying up to the betting windows; bellying up to the best cigars in the free world; bellying up to some of the city’s finest foods and beverages.

Get your belly full with this gander inside the LTS. From our would-be photographer:

(Construction workers install the second phase of new steel to the outside of the Hughes Lofts. This will enable an expansion of “enclosed space” for each floor — including the Louisville Thoroughbred Society)

(A new set of transformers are ready to be employed when the electrical feed is switched over to the underground conduits at the Hughes Lofts)

(More steel is going up)

(New light fixtures are now functioning)

(Tile work has been extended from the front foyer to the bathroom area)

(Old flooring, saved from another part of the building, is now being reintroduced to fill in gaps near the main bar area)

(Hand made shelves and caps are being added daily to the main bar)

(Artisans finish the tongue-in-grove wooden floors)

(Looks at the new, hand-made “Drop-In” ceiling for the humidor, and a look from the inside of the hummer through an opening that will soon be the main doors)

(More looks from inside the humidor to the Cigar Bar area)

(The Cigar Bar is nearing completion)

(The Audio/Video Room — which will house all the equipment and decoders to broadcast the races from around the world — has now been completely dry-walled)

(All the ingredients for the two new elevators arrived on Monday. They will be arranged and installed soon. Each one will take about 5 weeks to complete the installation)

(The Hughes Building’s newest front foyer is now getting a facelift, too. A historic ceiling, resembling the old one, will be errected and a new “old” floor will be installed soon)

(The looks from the outside as more steel goes up. Half of the windows overlooking Washington Street have been installed, too)