(Over three days this week, the LTS and Crushed Ice Catering will be delivering over 450 meals to the Backside Learning Center at Churchill Downs)

Editor’s Note:

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society hasn’t opened its’ doors officially, yet. We hope to do that later this summer. Keep an eye and ear out. We are coming soon.

But it doesn’t mean that we haven’t opened up our hearts and our collective arms. And, it doesn’t mean that we can’t open our our pocket books, purses and wallets to help those that are less fortunate in this time of international crisis.

Over three days this week, the team at Crushed Ice Catering — strategic partners and the primary catering provider for the LTS — will deliver over 450 meals to the community center and outreach program situated on the backside of the famed Churchill Downs and within eye-shot of the majestic Twin Spires.

We will be able to provide 250 meals for children.

We will deliver 200 more for adults.

At the end of a 3-day period, we will have serviced over 101 households with desperately needed nourishments.

While we all continue to wait for Thoroughbred racing to return to our Commonwealth, we are not waiting another second to lend our help.

We are proud of our members at the Louisville Thoroughbred Association, who have already joined and are committed to making our downtown club a place of celebration and enjoyment. We are looking forward to meeting many more, who have indicated that they will be joining in the days and weeks ahead.

And, we are so proud of our Board of Directors — who voted unanimously to offer assistance, help, food, and other support.

This is our first step in a race that we simply cannot and will not lose.

Take a look at our team. We are so happy to be able to assist:

(The Backside Learning Center at Churchill Downs)

(Lauren, who is pictured, and Sherry delivered meals and other supplies on Wednesday)

(Erica Schnell, Owner and CEO of Crushed Ice Catering, helps make the deliveries each day)