(The state-of-the-art, high-definition televisions are now being installed. This one hangs over the LTS’ Main Bar area and gives members and guests a great view of the racing action)

Editor’s Note:

Soon, you will be able to see some new “Smoke Rings” in the air.

The final phase of the construction at the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society is now fully underway. The state-of-the-art, outdoor “Cigar Pavilion,” which will give both members and their guests a premium location throughout the year to enjoy their finest blend of cigar tobacco products, is now being framed up; closed in; and finished out.

Once completed, the new facility will be populated with “Spanish / Cuban” themed furnishings. It will be heated for wintertime enjoyment. It will be air conditioned to combat the summer heat. And, it will open up to an expansive “Terrace” that will be equipped with fire pits and comfortable seating areas, where people can enjoy the night air in style. Coming soon.

In addition, the LTS’ Diner — located at the opposite end of the Terrace and overlooking Main Street — has been completely wired now and the windows installed. Next up is the installation of the walls, ceiling and the outdoor flooring. Coming soon.

Finally, the LTS’ Conservatory — which will connect directly to the Main Room — is also in the final stages of completion. Wiring for TVs and pari-mutuel is nearly done. Windows should be ready for install in the next week. Once airtight and waterproofed, the final touches will begin.

Come see us. We think you will be impressed. We think you will see our future. We think you will feel our passion. We think you will like to be with us on this amazing journey.

(Television monitors are now mounted in the LTS’ Cigar Bar. One on each end.)

(The new television monitors have been situated at both ends of the LTS’ Main Bar, too)

(Final touches to the display case in the LTS’ walk-in Humidor is now underway. A granite counter top is all that needs to be added to finish off the room)

(The LTS’ Cigar Pavilion — the last of the major construction items — has now been framed up and work has begun on the rooftop. Soon, the workers will turn their attention to finishing out the inside. Brick work on the outside of the parking garage will match the building, too)

(Workers finish up the plywood on the outside of the LTS’ Cigar Pavilion, on the LTS’ open-air Terrace)

(AT&T has installed the fastest internet fiber in the land. WiFi and other IT equipment are going in now)

(Wiring for the United Tote betting machines and more TVs has been completed in the LTS’ Conservatory. Soon, this room will be drywalled and the ceiling finished out. Coming soon)

(The doorway connecting to the LTS’ Cigar Bar to the outdoor, LTS’ Cigar Pavilion has been cut. A breezeway will connect the two facilities.)

(The Main Street look at the Hughes Lofts — home of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society)