(The new “Cigar Bar” is nearing completion)

Editor’s Note:

The work continues at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville. Dust is flying, whenever it doesn’t rain. Mud is flying on the drywall, when dust doesn’t get in the way. Paint is being rolled and dabbed. Light fixtures are getting brand new bulbs. And, the bars — yeah, plural — are getting new shelves, mirrors and getting ready for new bottles, and brews.

The parking garage is now looking like a parking garage. The front foyer is being to look like a front foyer. The equipment room in the basement is looking like an equipment room in the basement.

It may be a few more months before the doors finally open on Kentucky’s newest addition to the racing game, but there are now door frames being hung with care and doors are being jammed up and jelly tight.

Soon, pari-mutuel machines will be rolled into place. Television monitors will be mounted all over the place. And, the place? Well, it soon will be “The Place” to go and see.

Here’s a quick peek inside.

Courtesy of our sneak photographers.

Come take a look when you get a chance. But don’t stand around too long. Someone is likely to put you to work.

(The Cigar Bar has a new rubber mat floor and the shelves are already installed)

(Workers are installing drywall for the new Audio/Video Room for the Louisville Thoroughbred Association)

(A new equipment room that will provide power to the entire building is now near completion in the basement of the building)

(Light fixtures are being installed in the newly stained ceiling)

(Carpenter John has now turned his talents and attention to the main bar and is building out the cabinets)

(The front foyer on the main floor is getting a new “old” floor and an “old” new ceiling that will match the former historic look)

(Painters are now covering both the duct work and all the conduit with new coats of black paint)

(New steel is gong up outside to allow workers to build out on the new garage rooftop)

Things are coming together.