(The historic, tin ceiling tiles in the main foyer of the Hughes Lofts have been fully restored and are now getting a new coat of paint. Soon, the “old” will match the “new” and house The Louisville Thoroughbred Society)

Editor’s Note:

The finishing touches are starting to be added to The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

The spit and shine are being added.

Fresh paint is being applied to all the hand-made baseboards throughout the facility. The windows are being cleaned of dust. The drapes are now being hung from the windows with care.

The final polish is being buffed up.

The rail for the “barn doors” that will connect the brilliant LTS’ “Library” with the “Diner” was added on Monday. The sliding mechanism is supposed to be installed on Tuesday. This week, the old-styled “barn doors” will be ready for tugging.

The tan lines are beginning to show.

The Spanish Cedar trimmings are now being added to the special “Humidor” — which will house some of the most rare and expensive blends of leaf. The “mister” — which will help control the humidity within the space — has been added. Soon, the final touches of the “point of sale” island will be wheeled into position.

And, the final phases of construction are starting to give way to “finish work” with all the “trimmings.”

The LTS’ “Diner” now has been framed up and the brick applied to the outside walls. The ceiling and doors will soon be added to give the space some “closure.”

The LTS’ “Smoking Pavilion” is now fully under construction. Soon, the “Cuban-styled” facility will be roofed, and sided.

The LTS’ “Terace” will soon be water-proofed and a series of planters, fire pits, and other amenities will be added to give the space a “special” look and feel.

The main entrance foyer to the Hughes Lofts at 209 East Main Street is now getting the final coats of paint to the historic and restored tin ceiling panels and will soon match perfectly with the new tin that has been installed.

In other words?

It is all coming together.

It is all fitting into place.

It is getting ready to live once again.

Come take a look. Better yet, come join the party.

The LTS — a private membership club dedicated to promoting and enhancing the Thoroughbred industry and a team fully committed to providing all our members and their respective guests with a first class experience and first class amenities — is in the final stretch.

We can see the finish line just ahead.

We can smell the roses.

We can almost taste the champagne.

Can you?

Here’s just another peek inside to whet the appetite:

(The LTS is now hosting “viewings” in the fully furnished “Library.” Soon, the book shelves will be added and our “special collection of antique sales catalogues” will fill the room with both history and pages.)

(The room offers spacious and leisure sitting areas and small table tops for private in-room dining options, as well.)


(The railing for the hand-built “barn doors” has now been installed. Soon, the doors will be hung and they will separate the “Library” from the LTS’ “Diner,” on the other side.)

(The LTS’ “Humidor” is now being installed. The “mister” that will control the level of humidity in the room, has been fitted.)

(The final touches on the LTS’ “Humidor” is expected to be completed later this week. An “island” will be fitted in the middle of the room and allow members and guests to purchase their favorite brand of leaf.)

(The “connector” between the “South Tower” staircase and the “North Tower” staircase has now been completely framed up. Next up are the installation of the windows and doors, that will give looks and access to the LTS’ “Conservatory.” The final touch of brick will be added soon.)

(The LTS’ “Smoking Pavilion” — which will house our very own “Cuban-styled” smoking room — is now being added. It will be magnificent.)

(The “Smoking Pavilion” will be 80% enclosed — per the city’s smoking ban ordinance and in complete compliance with the Louisville Heath Board requirements — and will be both heated and air conditioned. Huge smoke removers will be mounted upon the roof. Massive doorways will allow access to the LTS’ rooftop terrace, as well.)

(Steel is now being attached. The roof and sides will be added soon. The last of the LTS construction project is now under way and will be completed soon. It is anticipated that it will be ready to open along with the LTS the first of August.)

(The final layers of brick have now been completed on the front of the adjacent parking garage and the LTS’ “Diner” at 209 East Main Street. The doors will soon be open — for both foot and car traffic.)